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At Jack Dish Plumbing we have dedicated and licensed employees with extensive insight and knowlegde into all types of plumbing matters.  We make sure to properly investigate any issue you are experiencing before determining the best course of action. Our service vans are fully stocked to handle most plumbing problems on the spot saving you time, money and potential property damage.


We are pleased to offer you these and other plumbing services for your home or business:


Sewer & Drain Cleaning: 

  • Are your drains backing u? If you have a broken or damaged sewer line, we have the technology to help unplug or jet the line! We can even perform a video inspection to locate the problem.


Water Heaters:

  • Do you need a new water heater installed? Is your current water tank leaking or not operating properly?  We can provide you support with electric or gas hot water heater.


Toilet Repair:

  • Is your toilet making noise on its own? Is it flushing by itself or always running water?  We can help you get it working properly and save you money with lower water bills in the process.


Faucets & Fixtures:

  • Do your faucets constantly drip water? Are your handles hard to turn on or off?  At Jack Dish Plumbing we can help fix those pesky plumbing problems and have you back at the gym to work out instead of turning on and off your faucets & fixtures.


...Along With Any Other Plumbing Problem You May Have :)


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